Our Private Concierge service is available to meet the needs of individuals, couples and families, in the UK and abroad. Our list of services is designed to relieve the constraints of time, the one thing you cannot create more of. Here at Otium Concierge, we don’t only think about the challenging and complex matters that our clients require support with, we understand that often the day-to-day tasks can sometimes be just as time consuming.

We will; book your table at your favourite restaurant, arrange your well-deserved holidays, get you tickets to sold out events, work through your never-ending to-do lists and arrange those special experiences. We have a very popular client calendar, where we record all of your important dates… so you never forget. We use this tool to remind you of birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, insurance renewal dates, warranty expiry dates – well, the list is endless.

There is very little that we won’t do… so however big or small, weird or wonderful your needs are, we will have a solution.

Our luxury concierge services are offered in three different tiers; Executive, Premier and Infinity or can be used ‘on demand’ and include:

Lifestyle Management Services

  • Gift shopping

  • Holiday booking

  • Travel bookings

  • Personal shopping

  • Ticket reservations

  • Restaurant booking

  • Party and event planning

  • Wedding planning

  • Purchasing white goods & electricals

Financial Lifestyle Management Services

  • Research and renewal reminders of insurances

  • Research and purchasing of utilities

  • Research and purchasing of mobile phone contracts

Family and Health Concierge Services

  • Organising schooling / education

  • Researching and booking health professionals or specialists

  • Researching and booking fitness gyms and / or personal trainers

  • Vehicle searching, booking MOTs and services

Home Management Services

  • Managing rental properties and holiday homes

  • Organise a tradesperson

  • Relocation services

  • Domestic staff – managing and recruiting