Membership Details

Access to your package Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and 9am – 1pm on Saturdays

Our On Demand membership is tailored for clients that do not require a full membership package, but they would benefit from having a help-in-hand and access to the luxury elements of our concierge services. All of our services are available to clients utilising our On Demand service and they will be charged per task. To become an On Demand client, there is a nominal monthly membership fee where we will collate and retain your information to ensure we can act on any requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

From £39.99 per month


• Gift shopping                                     

• Holiday booking                                 

• Travel bookings                                  

• Personal shopping                              

• Ticket reservations                             

• Restaurant booking                             

• Party and event planning                     

• Wedding planning                               

• Purchasing white goods & electricals


• Research and renewal reminders of insurances            

• Research and purchasing of utilities                           

• Research and purchasing of mobile phone contracts  

Family and Health

• Organising schooling / education                                              

• Researching and booking health professionals or specialists      

• Researching and booking health club membership

• Researching and booking personal trainers    

• Vehicle searching, booking MOTs and services                            


• Organise a tradesperson                                                    

• Relocation services                                                            

• Domestic staff recruiting