Employee Concierge Services

Our Employee Concierge service is designed to recognise the excellence of employees in the workplace. Our offering is an exciting enhancement for your business, where we offer a dedicated service to your employees by creating solutions to manage personal responsibilities and maximise efficiency by saving your employees valued time, energy and resources.

Employers understand that an effective work-life balance helps to increase employee productivity and at Otium Concierge, we use our concierge service to help give your hard-working employees the one thing you cannot create, time. Concierge services are a rewarding initiative that many organisations are undertaking to create staff that are more focused, happier as well as more productive.

We will provide your employees with their own dedicated telephone line and email address to assist with their needs; from sourcing gifts and organising a special event to obtaining quotes for their car insurances. Our fully trained and dedicated team will be able to provide them with a wide range of other features and services.

Our Services

Our employee concierge services are available to assist with your employee’s daily needs including;

  • Managing and Planning Events

  • Ticket and Hospitality Reservations and Planning

  • Quotations for new or renewals of insurances

  • Organising a tradesperson

  • Organising Holiday and Travel

  • Vehicle searches and bookings

  • Sourcing gifts

  • Restaurant bookings

  • Debt Support and Budgeting

  • Will Writing Service*

  • Health Insurance Service*

*these are services that incur additional costs from our employee concierge package.

Key Benefits

  • Increases Employee Satisfaction & Motivation

  • Increases Employee Productivity

  • A positive impact on employees, leading to increased employee retention

  • Fully trained staff

  • Less distraction for employees and more available time to do enjoy their leisure time and focus at work

  • Attract talent and cultivate loyalty

  • Enhance employee relations and improve employee positive perceptions of their overall benefits package

  • Employer portrays a strong and distinctive commitment to work/life issues

  • White label option available